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Tuesday & Thursday (4:30pm-5:30pm)

White/Yellow Team (T, TH 4:30-5:30pm

The White Team enables swimmers to learn the essential strokes and techniques needed for a successful swim. Learning the rules of swimming they will be ready for their next challenge in racing.

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Tuesday & Thursday (4:30pm- 6 pm)

Red Team 

Red Team swimmers learn key skills needed in racing. Building endurance while focusing on technique at the same time, they are given measurable goals that will be tested in swim meets. 

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Tues - Th (4:30-6:30 pm) Sat (7am)

Blue Team 

The Blue Team is our top tier of local swimming. This group competes in National, Regional, and International events. Putting swimmers through rigorous training in and out of the water the Blue Team is always ready for their next race. Coaches focus on mental toughness as well as push swimmers to achieve their individual goals. 

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